Examples of Roof Types we would recommend an Electronic leak test on, before burying.

Paved & Green Roofs
Timber Decking
Ballasted & Solar Roofs

Roof Test Consultancy: Flat Roofing Investigation

RTC offer a non-invasive method of waterproofing integrity test known as Electronic leak testing. Primarily we focus on providing a quality control measure for newly installed waterproofing systems, ensuring that it is fully watertight.

What do you get from RTC?

The Client gains independent confirmation on the waterproofing installation and that it is fit for purpose.

The Main Contractor will have confirmation on the integrity of the system installed before accepting responsibility for the area once officially handed over. Then they are clear to bury the membrane under paving, decking, ballasting or green roof systems etc.

The Roofing Contractor has confirmation that no mechanical damage has occurred during installation by other trades before a warranty is issued.

We cannot cover all eventualities, therefore testing methods are available for roof installations that were not previously tested, may have been buried and are showing signs of deterioration. In this instance we would need to have the area cleared off for a test to be carried out.

What Can Be Tested

  • Single Ply Membranes
  • Built-up Felt Systems
  • Liquid Applied Systems
  • Ashphalt (up to 14mm thick)
  • Hot Melt Systems (up to 14mm thick)

What Can't Be Tested

  • Metal Roofs (Aluminium, Copper, Zinc etc)
  • EPDM membranes
  • Membranes with a thickness over 14mm
  • Slating & Tiling