Examples of Roof Types we would recommend an Electronic leak test on, before burying.

Paved & Green Roofs
Timber Decking
Ballasted & Solar Roofs

Electronic leak testing

Electronic leak testing, the 'dry' method is widely used within the construction industry and provides a non-invasive means to confirm the integrity of your roofing system. Any defects within the membrane can be identified to mm accuracy. Once we have identified any pathways for water ingress to the building they are clearly marked so that a trained individual can locate and repair any defects with ease. We can also verify the integrity of the 'laps' in the waterproofing if you are unsure of the quality of work that has been carried out or just want peace of mind from an independent company.

As the name 'dry' test suggests the equipment can only be effectively used when the surface to be tested is free of moisture (completely dry). Also roof areas should be relatively clear of debris & plant etc to allow for thorough investigation. The 'dry' test can be applied to most waterproofing surfaces, the only limitations it has are that of a electrically conductive nature which includes some EPDM membranes. If you are unsure wheather or not your waterproofing is suited to this test then please feel free to 'contact us' stating the full build-up of your waterproofing system from the deck upwards and one of our consultants will be happy to assist you. Or click here for a list of Our Requirements

Once our testing has been completed it will be possible for us to provide you with a full report with our findings, for your records within 2 days. We will not repair any finds as we are solely there to verify if your areas are watertight. We can happily recommend any further actions you may need to take & indeed advise you of roofing contractors that may be able to assist in repair or renewal of you roof area/s if necessary.