Examples of Roof Types we would recommend an Electronic leak test on, before burying.

Paved & Green Roofs
Timber Decking
Ballasted & Solar Roofs

Our Requirements & Helpful Info for Testing


A few things that we would like to know to help us identify the suitablity of your roof for an ELD test.

  • Thickness of waterproofing system
  • Type of waterproofing system
  • Roof build up/ Roof Specification
  • Building sub-structure beneath test area
  • Architectural roof drawings
  • Dry weather conditions & roof area (no standing water)
  • Clear access
  • Clear testing area(s) as free from dirt/ debris as possible
  • Photos of area(s)


Obviously we understand that not all of the above are readily available, therefore in most instances a brief description of the area requiring testing & photographs of the area(s) would give us an idea of where to start!